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Braves vs. Phillies, June 16, 2019: Game Thread and Discussion

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It’s Foltynewicz vs. Velasquez in a Sunday matinee

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Bragging rights are at stake this afternoon, as the Braves and Phillies will each seek to sway the series. Though the Phillies will walk away from this series with the better head-to-head season record between the two, the Braves could even the series record at one apiece with a victory today.

The Braves’ offense, which has been on a roll recently, has looked rejuvenated against a Phillies team that stifled them in the first weekend of the season. If Josh Donaldson can continue some of his recent good work at the plate, the Braves’ offensive unit could be on the verge of going into overdrive.

Regardless of today’s outcome, one thing is for sure - the Braves have looked like a much more confident and capable team this weekend than they did when these two faced off back in March. As there are 13 games remaining between these teams after this series wraps up, any momentum is crucial, and will help propel them for future matchups.

Keep up with us this afternoon in the comments. Or, rather, we’ll try and keep up with you.

If you need any additional info for today’s game, feel free to brush up on the information we have so generously provided for you: