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Braves feature regular lineup, Pirates show preference to platoon

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The Braves will continue going with what works against Chris Archer.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Braves will go with what has become their default lineup look for nearly a month now. With Chris Archer on the Mound, the Braves hope the bottom of the order will continue setting the table for Ronald Acuna Jr. as it has over the past few games. After last nights hit parade, the Braves hopefully have a few timely ones left in their arsenal.

The Pirates are countering with three new faces in the lineup. Adam Frazier and Corey Dickerson get the start against a right-hander. Just as he ran into trouble his first time facing them in Pittsburgh, Mike Foltynewicz needs to especially be careful with Josh Bell, Colin Moran, and Gregory Polanco. They were the catalysts for his rough second inning in his last start.