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Braves News: Sonny Gray, where J.T. Realmuto situation stands and more

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It doesn’t sound like the Marlins are willing to back off their demands for J.T. Realmuto but would they really keep him into the season?

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Braves News

Braves Trade Candidate: Sonny Gray

A Jeff Passan report from earlier this week suggested that the Braves were close to acquiring Yankees starter Sonny Gray from the Yankees as a part of a three-team trade that would have also involved Jurickson Profar and the Texas Rangers. That ultimately fell through but Gray remains in New York and is still available. Grant McAuley takes a closer look at Gray and examines his strengths and weaknesses and tells why he might be a strong bounce back candidate with a change of scenery.

Cristian Pache headlines MLB Pipeline’s of the 30 fastest prospects

MLB Pipeline lists each team’s fastest prospect with outfielder Cristian Pache making the cut for Atlanta.

Pache still hasn’t learned to use his outstanding speed on the basepaths consistently as he stole just seven bases in 2018 and has been thrown out trying to steal 35 percent of the time, leading some to prefer Ray Patrick-Didder and his 27 steals in 2018. But Pache will learn to use his wheels offensively, and he already uses them to be perhaps the best defensive outfield prospect in baseball.

Ken Rosenthal notes on where J.T. Realmuto situation stands

Ken Rosenthal’s latest notes column went up at The Athletic on Thursday and he talked about where things stand for the J.T. Realmuto and the Marlins who are apparently sticking with their current demands in any trade negotiations for the superstar catcher.

The Marlins have yet to waver from their desire to acquire a top 0-to-3-year major leaguer along with prospects for Realmuto, but interested teams continue to believe Miami must trade him in the coming weeks.

Rosenthal thinks that it will be more difficult for Miami to move him in season and lists the reasons why. For what it is worth, The Athletic’s David O’Brien later tweeted that the Braves and Marlins haven’t spoken since the Winter Meetings in regards to Realmuto and that Atlanta has moved on to filling other needs. He adds that the asking price would have to drop for the Braves to rejoin the negotiations.

MLB News

Phillies add Robertson on 2-year deal

When you make the boast of “spending stupid money” during the offseason, you do have to eventually get around to making some moves. The Phillies on Thursday agreed to a two-year deal with reliever David Robertson worth a reported $23 million. The deal also includes a $12 million option for the 2021 season with a $2 million buyout.

Yankees Reportedly “Focused” On Zach Britton

Robertson’s deal could have broken the ice for the reliever market. Negotiations for free agent left-hander Zach Britton are heating up with the Yankees “focused” on acquiring him according to Jon Heyman. He also notes that there are several teams in on Britton so the situation could play out a bit longer.

Kimbrel could return to Red Sox

With the Phillies landing Robertson, that took away one of the possible landing spots for free agent closer Craig Kimbrel who was considered the top closer on the market. While no one has shown interest in meeting the six-year, $100 million demand that Kimbrel was reportedly seeking, a return to the Red Sox seems like more of a possibility with each passing day.

Report: White Sox make formal offer to Machado

Reports indicated on Thursday that the Chicago White Sox made a formal offer to infielder Manny Machado. Exact terms are unknown but it was reportedly a long deal worth in excess of $200 million. Machado has also visited with the Yankees and the Phillies and is expected to make his decision soon.