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Camargo at short, Culberson at third as Braves continue Washington series

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Dansby Swanson sits against left-hander Tommy Milone.

Atlanta Braves v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

After his two-homer day (including one off Max Scherzer), it looks like Charlie Culberson won’t be denied a start in the subsequent game: he’s starting at third base tonight and batting eighth against Tommy Milone and the Washington Nationals.

Culberson’s insertion into the starting nine pushes Johan Camargo to shortstop and Dansby Swanson to the bench. Historically, Milone has essentially no platoon split (which is weird!), but Camargo has destroyed lefties so far in his career (165 wRC+), so there was no way he was being relegated to the pine in favor of Swanson.

However, Swanson is one of just six Braves to have faced Milone in their respective careers, and one of three with a homer off of him. Swanson’s homer came in garbage time in an April 2017 game as Milone was mopping up a 11-3 loss by his Brewers to the Braves. Tyler Flowers is the only Brave to have faced Milone more than a handful of times and has taken him deep, as has Adam Duvall.

Speaking of Duvall, he draws another start against a southpaw, replacing Ender Inciarte in the lineup. This should be a sign of some progress, as there was the possibility that Inciarte’s game-winning hit last night would throw him back into the lineup despite a lefty being on the hill. Corresponding to Duvall’s start, Ronald Acuña Jr. moves to center field.

(For my money, this is probably one of the best/most sensible player arrangements the Braves have run out there this season, as Camargo, Flowers, and Duvall are all starting against a southpaw. If only the Braves had a better infield option that also mashed lefties than Charlie Culberson...)

Meanwhile, here’s how the Nats line up:

Adam Eaton replaces Michael Taylor in the outfield, pushing Bryce Harper to center field. Matt Adams takes over for Ryan Zimmerman at first base. The lineup itself is also shook up, with Juan Soto hitting fifth and the rest of the top of the lineup pushed down due to Eaton’s presence. The Nats have only used this lineup once before, this past Saturday, but they downed the Reds 10-4 in that game, so we’ll see what happens.

All of these guys are at least somewhat familiar with Mike Foltynewicz. Harper, Rendon, and Turner have all taken him deep, while Murphy, Turner, and even Matt Wieters have gotten a ton of hits against the Braves’ right-hander when they’ve matched up.