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Finale features familiar faces (again)

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There’s something to be said for consistency, and I guess this is it.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In case you were expecting something different for today’s series finale against the Mets, lineup-wise, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

This is already the second-most-common lineup the Braves have trotted out this year (four prior games), even accounting for the differential in lineups between Flowers and Suzuki drawing the start.

The Braves catch a break, as Brandon Nimmo will not be starting today against Julio Teheran.

None of the Braves have seen Oswalt yet, which makes sense given that this is his first season and he hasn’t yet faced the Braves. The Mets are intimately familiar with Teheran at this point: Conforto, Flores, and Frazier (not starting) have all homered off of him. The only position player on the Mets’ roster to have never faced Teheran is Jeff McNeil, who is hitting second today.