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Tyler Flowers gets the first look at Kevin Gausman behind the plate

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The Braves are going with their top defensive catcher for the Atlanta debut of Gausman.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves newest addition to the team in Kevin Gausman is making his debut in the red, white and blue tonight with Tyler Flowers making his way back into the lineup as his battery mate.

The Braves can boast an array of stout left handed bats in the lineup tonight against the right handed Zack Wheeler (a Georgia native).

Here is how the Braves will roll out tonight:

The Mets will sub out Jose Bautista in favor of Austin Jackson tonight which is curious considering Bautista has seen Gausman by far the most with 26 at-bats.

Here is how the Mets will line up in an attempt to win their first game of the series:

It is an exciting day in Braves country to see what Kevin Gausman is all about as it looks like Atlanta is putting their faith in him to be a part of their rotation for years going forward. Stay tuned.