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Braves sending Chris Stewart to the Diamondbacks

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The Braves are parting ways with their backup-backup-backup catcher

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Not every move this time of year is going to move the needle a ton, but its still interesting to see what other teams are valuing as the season draws to an end.

The Braves recently made a waiver claim on Rene Rivera of the Angels to make their catching corps a bit deeper once rosters expand at the beginning of December. This will enable the Braves to use Tyler Flowers or Kurt Suzuki in pinch-hitting situations without leaving them without a catcher if the need arises.

However, Rivera’s arrival means that Chris Stewart, who has filled the role of Triple-A catcher that can come up in a pinch, does not really have a role with the team anymore. However, it appears as though the Diamondbacks have a need for the 36 year old catcher.

Stewart is most likely just a way for the Diamondbacks to deepen their own roster as they pursue the NL West crown and the cost is not likely to be much (no word yet on the return for the Braves).

Stewart has slashed .230/.297/.292 in his career in the majors and in 2018 in Triple-A, he has batted .219/.299/.277 in 47 games.