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Camargo hitting second, Duvall in left against Montgomery, Cubs

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Platooning it up. Also, Kurt Suzuki is starting.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s your Braves lineup for tonight’s makeup game against the Cubs:

Johan Camargo hits second for the fourth time all season. Camargo had quite a day yesterday, including a three-run homer on a 99.7 mph fastball, the fastest pitch so far this season (across MLB, not just against the Braves) that was hit for a homer. As a fun fact, the guy Camargo supplanted in that metric was his teammate, Ozzie Albies. Camargo and his .353 xwOBA against left-handers will take aim at southpaw Mike Montgomery tonight from the lineup’s most important spot.

Meanwhile, Kurt Suzuki supplants Tyler Flowers at catcher in the five-hole. Suzuki has been no slouch against lefties this season (.370 xwOBA) but Flowers has killed them to the tune of a .491 xwOBA, but the timeshare between the two backstops marches on with little heed to these things. Adam Duvall hits seventh ahead of Dansby Swanson.

The Braves are using the same lineup that scored one run against the Marlins last Saturday.

The Cubs line up as follows as they prepare to take on Mike Foltynewicz:

They last used this lineup on Monday’s 7-4 win against the Mets, the only other time it’s been used this season.

Every Braves batter has seen Montgomery at least a little bit. Duvall and Ender Inciarte have homered off of him and have also seen him the most. Anthony Rizzo has taken Foltynewicz deep previously, and Daniel Murphy has a wealth of experience against him given his Nationals and Mets tenures.