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Fanpost Friday: But the Braves really should have acquired...

In your view, were there any missed opportunities earlier this week?

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Trade Deadline is gone. It’s over, it’s finished, it’s done. The Braves bolstered their roster with four players: Jonny Venters, Brad Brach, Adam Duvall, and Kevin Gausman. Three of those have already appeared in a Braves uniform. It looks like Gausman will be making his Braves debut tomorrow. The Braves can still make waiver trades, but the bulk of this season’s trade activity is largely over. So, with your fickle grass-is-greener brain, we ask you: who else should the Braves have acquired?

You can see a full list of players on the move across MLB here.

You can see much of the final day of action, on a transactions basis here.

So, who ya got, and why?