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Braves-Rays, August 29, 2018: Game Thread & Discussion

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It’s Newcomb vs. Castillo in the last of a two-game tilt

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The Braves and Rays will meet for the second game of their two-game series tonight in Atlanta.

If everything falls right for the Braves tonight, their division lead could be 5 ½ games by the end of the night. With Braves win and a Phillies loss, the magic number could potentially fall to 25.

Sean Newcomb gets the start for the Braves, and will try to quiet a Rays offense that he effectively shut down back in May. He will square off against opener Diego Castillo and a host of Rays relievers.

Castillo has shown well this year, posting a 3-2 record along a 3.23 ERA / 3.44 FIP. Then again, he has never faced this Braves offense, so things could get ugly for him quick.

Will you be keeping up with the game tonight? If so, hang out with us here. We’d love to hear anything witty you have to say. In case you need any additional context for tonight’s game, we wholeheartedly advise that you click the links below.