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Fanpost Friday: Summarize this season in one image

Or a gif (which is many images) or a meme or something.

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Let’s start with a cliche: a picture is worth a thousand words. Actually, a thousand words isn’t that many (if you’re me), so maybe it’s worth even more than that. The point is, this has been a weird, but ultimately very fruitful season. Eric already talked about how it’s been a gift (and it has) earlier this week. But now, it’s your turn — with a twist.

We want to see it in image form. Or, if the mood strikes you, in multiple image form. You’ve got choices: it could be a photo from this season. Or, it could be a completely unrelated photo that somehow conveys a similar sentiment — an allegory, if you will. Or maybe just a montage of Ronald Acuña’s homers.

I’ll leave you with an image I like for this particular purpose. Fun stuff.

Good times.