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Ronald Acuña Jr. slugs his way to first MLB Player of the Week honors

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The kid can flat out play.

MLB: Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It was never going to be long before Acuña Jr. received his first Player of the Week honors for the Atlanta Braves and that time has finally come. The 20-year-old went nuclear last week to the tune of a .464/.559/.964 slash line which includes 4 home runs and 11 runs scored which were both tops in the league last week.

By blasting everything in sight last week Acuña accumulated a 296 wRC+ (!) and bumped his fWAR up from the low 1’s to the mid 2’s (2.5 currently). This last week will be huge for Acuña’s Rookie of the Year case moving forward and with a couple more weeks like this he’ll be the no-doubt candidate to win.

It is nice to see the rest of baseball taking notice to the great show Ronald is putting on right now. This season he may only be competing for Rookie of the Year, but next season he could be coming for a much more significant superlative. Stay tuned.