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Adam Duvall set to debut as Braves deploy new-look lineup against Mets

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As expected.

Cincinnati Reds v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

When the Atlanta Braves acquired Adam Duvall in a four-player swap with the Cincinnati Reds, the stated expectation was the powerful outfielder would be in the lineup against left-handed pitching. On Thursday, the Braves had the opportunity to deploy their new-look outfield against Jason Vargas and the New York Mets and, well, Brian Snitker will do just that.

As noted above, Duvall will get the nod in left field to take advantage of his platoon advantage against a left-hander (career 108 wRC+) and that pushes Ronald Acuña to center field in this spot. By proxy, Ender Inciarte moves to the bench in an effort to reduce his weaknesses at the plate against left-handed pitching (career 72 wRC+), with the possibility that he could enter the festivities in a late-game situation.

Elsewhere, there are no additional surprises, other than Tyler Flowers slipping to the No. 7 spot after hitting fifth regularly prior to the Duvall acquisition. It will be interesting to see what Snitker does against lefties in the future but this is the first deployment of the new order.

In opposition of the Braves on this fine evening, the Mets will send the following group to the plate.

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