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Fanpost Friday: Which Braves should win awards this year? Which ones will?

Perhaps, at last, leaguewide recognition?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It’s mid-August. The season’s not nearly over, but the end-of-season picture is becoming somewhat clearer. That, and Nolan Arenado is in town. So, that got me thinking — which Braves are going to come down with hardware this year?

You tell me, and tell me why. Freddie Freeman seems like a good case to get MVP votes, and the Rookie of the Year debate has been going on. But, those aren’t the only awards. What will it take for a Braves pitcher to win a Cy Young this year? There’s an award for closers, right — can A.J. Minter get it? Silver sluggers? Gold Gloves. You’ve got a lot of candidates.

And, of course... should you dare, you can grapple with the very real possibility that Brian Snitker is on the short list for NL Manager of the Year, depending on how the rest of the season turns out.

So, who will grab some hardware when the season ends? Who should? Let us know.