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Brandon McCarthy threw off mound today, could join bullpen in September

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The Braves could see Brandon McCarthy return in September, although his role could change.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to going on the disabled list, Brandon McCarthy had been struggling in the Braves rotation. Although he had put up some decent starts for the team, his overall numbers left something to be desired. In 15 starts in 2018, McCarthy has posted a 4.92 ERA and 4.79 FIP in 78.2 innings and he seemed to be trending in the wrong direction before going on the disabled list.

Its unclear how much of his struggles were linked to his issues with his knee, but we are getting closer to finding out what he has left to offer for 2018.

McCarthy throwing off a mound is good news in the sense that he is getting healthy and when he is right, he is still a valuable arm. However, he hasn’t been great this season and a transition to the bullpen is an interesting one given both how the bullpen has struggled at times this season as well as how well the Braves’ new additions to the relief corps have been performing.

It is worth mentioning that McCarthy does have some experience as a reliever, although it has been a while. He made 51 relief appearances for the White Sox in 2006 and he did come out of the bullpen for a handful of appearance in 2017 with the Dodgers.