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Swanson, Flowers re-enter lineup for nightcap of doubleheader

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Dansby Swanson sat out for the first game of the doubleheader, but he’ll be back at shortstop for the night game against the Marlins.

Milwaukee Brewers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re right back at it for game two of today’s doubleheader between the Braves and Marlins. Both teams have made changes to their lineups, though one team is going to be looking completely different from what we saw this afternoon.

Let’s start with the Braves:

The first six names on that lineup card are identical to what we saw this afternoon. The bottom three are where things get different, as Tyler Flowers and Dansby Swanson will be playing catcher and shortstop, respectively. That means that Kurt Suzuki and Charlie Culberson are back on the bench for the nightcap. Other than that, there aren’t too many changes here and you aren’t going to see the manager make too many changes to a lineup that is currently clicking.

Here’s Miami’s lineup:

Once you expand the image so you can actually see what’s going on there, it’ll reveal plenty of changes. Rafael Ortega is leading off, J.T. Realmuto is up near the top of the lineup and JT Riddle is playing shortstop. Other than that, the Marlins have definitely switched things up so it’ll be interesting to see how that fares for them this evening.

So, how’s everybody feeling about the lineups for tonight?