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Fanpost Friday: Reinvent Players’ Weekend

Nicknames on jerseys? That’s all the braintrust could come up with?

Colorado Rockies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Hello, friends. There’s a lot of news going on in Braves Country, which makes this year’s release of the Players’ Weekend uniforms and nicknames somewhat of an afterthought relative to the Braves’ entire season. But, nonetheless, it got me thinking.

Players’ Weekend seems like an expansive concept, in part because the name doesn’t really mean anything. If you look at its sparse history (it’s only happened once before), it turns out that the main purpose was “to give players the opportunity to express their personal style, and to acquaint hometown fans with newer team members,” as well as to appeal to the youth demographic. So, you can probably see the issue — somehow the entirety of that concept got boiled down into “Hey put a halfhearted attempt at a nickname on your jersey and maybe wear some not-quite-on-point accessories.” It just feels lame. Or, it feels somewhat like, “We don’t really like the players that much, and calling it ‘Players’ Weekend’ reflects that.”

But, I actually don’t know what would be better. That’s where the prompt comes in. If you could do anything to make a new, better, or more meaningful Players’ Weekend, what would it be?