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Fanpost Friday: Go and fix replay


MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

[Note: This post was pre-written on Wednesday, following a particularly egregious replay debacle double-whammy that of course resulted in a loss. If more replay-related shenanigans occur in the interim, or there are further developments, it may seem silly in retrospect.]

Replay in MLB was fairly exciting when it was announced, but I’m not actually sure it’s proven to be a net positive. For every good part of “hey, this bad call was overturned,” there seems to be a couple of bad parts, with one being, “hey, this bad call wasn’t overturned,” and the other being, “it’s unclear why replay exists if it isn’t going to be dedicated to getting every call right.” Maybe those are really the same thing. Either way, it’s frustrating, and I’m not sure it’s working well.

So, tell us how you’d fix replay. I don’t know anything about other sports or leagues, so don’t just say, “Use the NFL system.” Explain what that is, because I have no idea. How would your ideal replay system work? What would be the disadvantages to it, and how would you ameliorate them? The more detail, the better, as always.