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GameThread, 5/16/2018: Cubs @ Braves

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Can the Braves avoid another heartbreaker? Can Brandon McCarthy right the ship? Will the crowd rise up and throw the umpiring crew into a volcano that emerges in center field?

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This is your daily thread for:

  • Complaining about umpires;
  • Complaining about replay;
  • Complaining about Jose Bautista;
  • Defending Jose Bautista;
  • Complaining about Mike Foltynewicz’ mental fortitude;
  • Defending Mike Foltynewicz’ mental fortitude;
  • Calling for a trade or demotion of Brandon McCarthy;
  • Indicating why a trade or demotion of Brandon McCarthy is not warranted;
  • Pictures of cats.

Go forth and comment on stuff. Also there’s a baseball game happening.