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Braves’ Wednesday lineup features Flowers, Flaherty

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Mostly the same lineup, with some not-uncommon rotations.

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Here’s how the Cubs will line up behind Tyler Chatwood to face Brandon McCarthy and the Braves today:

Once again, these Cubbies rotate their players. No Ben Zobrist, who had last night’s game-winning hit, in this one. He’s replaced in right field by Ian Happ. Weirdly enough, this will be Happ’s first start of the season in right field; he’s previously started nine games in left and 13 in center. The Cubs have yet to deploy this particular lineup this season.

Despite the Cubs’ hitters and Brandon McCarthy being aptly described as “veterans,” they haven’t faced off much. Ben Zobrist leads their roster with eight at-bats against McCarthy. None of the Cubs’ hitters have ever driven in a run against McCarthy, much less homered off of him, so there’s not much experience there.

Meanwhile, here’s the Braves’ starting nine:

Flowers and Flaherty are back in the lineup after missing the cut in last night’s game. Flaherty was double-switched into the game late; Flowers had a stellar game in Chicago on Monday, where he hit a two-run homer on a 3-0 pitch and reached base every time up. This is also a new lineup for the Braves this season. While the front four have been used a lot lately, there has yet to be a lineup in it with Flowers fifth and Flaherty present. Due to injuries and other personnel, Flowers and Flaherty have both been in the starting lineup only three times, and only twice since Opening Day.

Freddie Freeman is the only Atlanta hitter with any success against Chatwood — he’s 5-for-10 against him in his career. The other hitters (only Albies, Inciarte, Markakis, and Suzuki) have all only faced Chatwood a few times each (seven at-bats total) and have not recorded a hit off of him. But, as mentioned in the preview, they should really be trying to draw walks instead, if at all possible.