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Braves re-deploy Flaherty at third in Friday night lineup

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So I guess it’s a platoon for the time being?

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s how the Braves line up against Dan Straily and the Miami Marlins tonight:

Ender Inciarte, who has hit leadoff, seventh, and ninth this year, will make his second start of the season in the six-hole. Ryan Flaherty gets the start at third base in lieu of Jose Bautista. Given that the Braves are (finally) facing a right-handed starter again, this suggests that at least for the time being, Bautista and Flaherty find themselves in a platoon. Or, it’s just a one-game break for Bautista. Your guess is as good as mine.

Every hitter on the Atlanta roster has faced Straily at least once, save Acuña, Culberson, and Preston Tucker. Albies, Bautista, Freeman, and Markakis have all taken Straily deep.

The Fish, meanwhile, are using yesterday’s same lineup:

Some of their players have gotten a few hacks against McCarthy in the past, but there’s no large history there. The combined 25-man roster has fewer than 25 at-bats against McCarthy, and none have ever taken McCarthy deep before.

By my count, this is going to be the 22nd different batting order the Braves have used in 37 games. For the Marlins, they’ve used a whopping 33 lineups in 37 games so far, and no lineup more than twice. So it’s actually somewhat remarkable that they’re using the same lineup on back-to-back days here, which is going to be only the third time this season that that’s happened.