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Braves have 'strong offer' on the table for J.T. Realmuto, per report

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We have ourselves a bona fide trade rumor, folks.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves are setting the hot stove on fire this morning irrespective of the nice weather. First this:

Here’s the potential price tag:

It’s seemed very odd that Miami has held onto a trade target like J.T. Realmuto as long as they have. But no longer, as they don’t mind seeing last year’s 4.8 WAR catcher another 18-19 times a year wearing a different uniform. The Braves definitely have the depth to trade a high-end prospect and position player for Realmuto, and the price even seems low when considering he might be moving to a division rival.

For anyone who wanted to see the bullpen improved, boy howdy there’s this:

Craig Kimbrel, with World Series now secured, appears to be a target for the Braves. Bring that career 31.8% K-BB rate on over here. Now. Braves Country sees you, Anthopoulos. And we see you preparing to upgrade big and in a hurry.