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Fred McGriff, Andruw Jones on 2019 Hall of Fame Ballot

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McGriff is in his 10th and final year on the ballot.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 Hall of Fame ballots went out to BBWAA voting members on Monday. This year’s ballot contains newcomers Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay and Andy Pettite and will serve as the last chance for former Atlanta Braves first baseman Fred McGriff.

Players need to appear on 75 percent of the ballots to gain enshrinement. Players also must receive at least five percent of the vote in order to remain on the ballot and can do so for 10 years. This is the final opportunity for both McGriff and Edgar Martinez. McGriff has some work to do as he received just 23.2 percent last year and it looks like his best chance might come via the Today’s Game Committee.

Andruw Jones is a holdover on the ballot but received just 7.3 percent of the vote in his first go around. He will need to build some momentum to remain on the ballot.

Rivera looks like a lock for a first-ballot induction as one of the game’s best closers ever. Halladay is another possibility as is Martinez who came close last year at 70.4 percent. Former Orioles and Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina jumped up to 63.5 percent last year and it will be interesting to see if he sees another jump or if he has hit his ceiling.

Voting results will be announced on January 22 by Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson live on the MLB Network. The full ballot is listed below.

2019 Hall of Fame Ballot

Name 2018 Votes Percentage Current Year on Ballot
Name 2018 Votes Percentage Current Year on Ballot
Rick Ankiel 1st
Jason Bay 1st
Lance Berkman 1st
Barry Bonds 238 56.4 7th
Roger Clemens 242 57.3 7th
Freddy Garcia 1st
Jon Garland 1st
Travis Hafner 1st
Roy Halladay 1st
Todd Helton 1st
Andruw Jones 31 7.3 2nd
Jeff Kent 61 14.5 6th
Ted Lilly 1st
Derek Lowe 1st
Edgar Martinez 297 70.4 10th
Fred McGriff 98 23.2 10th
Mike Mussina 268 63.5 6th
Darren Oliver 1st
Roy Oswalt 1st
Andy Pettitte 1st
Juan Pierre 1st
Placido Polanco 1st
Manny Ramirez 93 22 3rd
Mariano Rivera 1st
Scott Rolen 43 10.2 2nd
Curt Schilling 216 51.2 6th
Gary Sheffield 47 11.1 5th
Sammy Sosa 33 7.8 7th
Miguel Tejada 1st
Omar Vizquel 156 37.1 2nd
Billy Wagner 47 11.1 4th
Larry Walker 144 34.1 9th
Vernon Wells 1st
Kevin Youkilis 1st
Michael Young 1st