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Braves have six prospects in Part 1 of Keith Law’s Top 100

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Atlanta has six prospects in the lower half of Keith Law’s Top 100 list.

MiLB: JUL 19 Gulf Coast League -  GCL Braves at GCL Phillies Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves minor league system was hit hard with MLB penalties this offseason but there is still an impressive group that remains. The Braves have six prospects in Part 1 (51-100) of Keith Law’s Top 100 list for 2018.

No. 57 Cristian Pache

Pache is a guy that we are likely going to hear a lot about in 2018. He is described as a guy who could play defensively in the major leagues right now but is still developing his offensive game. Pache has yet to homer in pro ball but Law thinks he could eventually develop into a 20-homer guy. If that happens look out because he will be shooting up prospects lists everywhere.

No. 60 Mike Soroka

Soroka is a name that we are very familiar around these parts. He successfully made the jump from low-A to Double-A last year. If his success continues, we could see him in Atlanta at some point this season.

No. 68 Bryse Wilson

One of the more intriguing names on this list, Wilson burst onto the scene last year in Rome and surprised many. Law points to the job that Atlanta’s coaches have done in cleaning up his mechanics and says he could develop anywhere from a No. 2 starter to an eighth-inning reliever.

No. 77 Max Fried

Fried made it to the majors in 2017 and hopes to stick there with a strong spring in 2018. His 2017 season was a bit of a mixed bag due to a blister problem that developed in May. Law says that Fried has three pitches that can all be above average and the only thing missing has been the command. That is the missing piece for what could be a mid-rotation starter.

No. 90 Touki Toussaint

Toussaint has impressive stuff but has struggled to harness it all. Law writes that his future is tied to his command and control. If he can get a handle on it, then big things could be ahead for him.

Toussaint’s future is all about command and control, and there’s no physical reason he can’t get to average in both over time. If he does, it’s No. 1-2 starter stuff, and if he doesn’t, which is probably still the safer bet, he could be an Edwin Jackson-type fourth starter or a high-leverage reliever capable of going more than an inning per game.

No. 96 Joey Wentz

Wentz was impressive last year at Rome. He struggled a bit with his velocity early on but Law writes that the deception in his delivery allows his fast ball to play up. His stuff points to a fourth or fifth starter but Law thinks his command and the deception in his windup could make him more.

The rest of Law’s Top 100 list will be released on Tuesday.