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Atlanta Braves news: Chipper set to saunter into Hall of Fame

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Chipper Jones is going to get into the Hall of Fame. At this point, it’s only a matter of how many writers voted for him.

Cleveland Indians v Atlanta Braves Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images


Chipper set to join illustrious group of third basemen in Cooperstown

It’s basically a virtual certainty that Chipper Jones will join Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Bobby Cox in the Hall of Fame. All projections point towards him being a nearly-unanimous inductee into Cooperstown and that’s what he deserves after an amazing career. Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today noted that Chipper is going to join a relatively small collection of third basemen who are currently in the Hall of Fame — and he’ll be a worthy addition to that class.

Should the Braves trade for Duvall?

Meanwhile, when it comes to the current Braves, the news is still pretty slow. That didn’t stop Eric and Ivan from getting together to chat about a trade rumor that popped up for a little bit before fading away as quickly as it came up. They talked about Adam Duvall and whether or not the Braves should have gone after him instead of setting their sights for the lofty heights of Christian Yelich.

Talking Chop Podcast Episode 99 is here

If you haven’t checked out the latest edition of our website’s podcast then now’s the time to do it. It’s a pretty good one as well, as Brad was able to bring on Awful Announcing editor (and noted Braves fan) Joe Lucia on to discuss a bunch of Braves-related topics.


Milwaukee submits offer to Darvish

It seems that one team is starting to get things into gear as far as this offseason is concerned. The Brewers were the center of a couple of juicy rumors yesterday. For starters, there was a vague rumor from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick that the Brewers were gearing up to make a trade. Then, there was a separate and less vague rumor from Yahoo Japan that the team had officially offered Yu Darvish a contract. We’re less than a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting and while it’s not clear that Darvish has mad a choice yet, it would hopefully get the other free agency dominoes to start falling if he gets a fair deal that he’s willing to sign. Will the Brewers be the team to land him?

Bucs Dugout: Nutting doesn’t care about the protests

Back in Friday’s news post, I shared the news about Pirates fans signing a petition en masse in protest of owner Bob Nutting after the team offloaded two of their best players in the name of rebuilding. It’s understandable to see fans get angry after that — especially Pirates fans who went through decades of sticking with mostly bad teams until finally getting a glimmer of hope in recent seasons. Our friends at Bucs Dugout would understand that better than us neutrals, but they also figure that their owner probably won’t care about the protests at all.

The petition is just the most organized outlet of Pirates vitriol. There are several Facebook groups calling for fans to “#BoycottTheBucs”, one of which is attempting to organize a rally outside of PNC Park on Opening Day.

It’s nice that fans care so much that they may be willing to stand outside, holding signs to proclaim their disapproval of Nutting’s ownership style. And I certainly do not want to underrate the power of a group of likeminded people willing to unite to accomplish a goal.

But come on, protestors. Bob Nutting does not care about your boycott.