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Slow offseason Friday open thread

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You all made 500+ comments on the Yelich-Acuna post, so have one of these.

RUSSIA-WEATHER-FEATURE Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty Images

The offseason keeps limping along, and here we are again on a Friday afternoon with little news to report.

So, feel free to use this as a dumping ground for anything on your mind. Read any good books? Seen any good movies? Eaten anything delicious?

Or, if baseball discussion is more your speed, maybe think about the following:

  • It’s seemingly likely that commissioner Rob Manfred will go over the protests of the union and unilaterally implement pace-of-play changes for next season. While the changes themselves aren’t a huge deal, it does seem like a strange time to antagonize the MLBPA given what’s already transpiring this offseason. A potentially bigger issue is that this is almost antagonism for antagonism’s sake, as the pace-of-play issues aren’t really affecting the game in any major way, and MLB’s looming demographic problems could be solved in many other ways that the MLBPA would probably support, rather than resist.
  • Baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki is without a team and a job for 2018, and his agent has indicated that he may return to finish out his career in Japan if he can’t find a major league taker for his services. Should the Braves be interested? Should they be interested, especially if they’re not really competing? Ichiro has put up sub-replacement level fWAR in two of his past three seasons, but he was also surprisingly good (1.4 fWAR, 2.3 fWAR/600) in 2016. What say you?
  • Does anyone else find it strange that Alex Cobb hasn’t signed yet? It seemed like he was a natural fit, at least to me, for a Cubs team with money to spend, holes in the rotation, and Cobb’s pre-existing relationship with former coaches in the form of Joe Maddon and Jim Hickey. Yet, here we are, it’s January 19, and Cobb is still not under contract. Cobb has been a 3 fWAR/200 pitcher to date, and while he did miss basically two seasons, he bounced back to be very similar to his prior performance in his last year in Tampa Bay. So, what’s the deal?

And, if something else is on your mind, let it fly. Also, as is semi-usual, I’ll try to answer any question posed in this thread, no matter how trivial or involved the work required to answer it is.

Have at it, TC.