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Atlanta Braves news: Come on Hot Stove, do something

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We’re all anxiously awaiting something cool and interesting to go down during this Winter. We’ll have to keep being patient, though.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Patrick Duffy/Beam Imagination/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images


USA Today previews Atlanta’s fantasy chances

For those of you who partake in the activity that makes you care about a random at-bat between two players on two teams that you don’t care about if only because they’re there to score you some points in a league that the players themselves aren’t aware of, Steve Gardner of USA Today is here for you and they’ve given us a rundown of what to expect from the Braves when it comes to fantasy baseball. These fantasy articles are actually a nice way to keep track and take stock of what the current team looks like — in addition to helping you get a leg up on your buddy at the office who you’re trying to crush in fantasy in this upcoming season.

Would Braves title track improve if they traded Acuna in Yelich deal?

I think it’s safe to say that the Braves probably aren’t going to trade Ronald Acuna any time soon. With that being said, the Braves could probably use him as an “ace in the hole” of sorts when it comes to trade chips if they really wanted to pick up a player. However, the question that Sean Morash of Off The Bench asks is a pretty interesting one — would Christian Yelich give the Braves a better shot at winning a title down the line, or would that title track improve if they just kept Acuna?

Rosenthal: Andruw deserves to stay on the ballot

Ken Rosenthal spent a couple of minutes talking on Fox Sports about flaws that he sees in the process of getting players in the Hall of Fame. Specifically, he focuses on the fact that while Andruw Jones and his Hall of Fame credentials may be debatable, what isn’t debatable is the fact that he should be on the ballot for longer than one season. You can count Rosenthal as another one of the prominent baseball writers out there who feels that Andruw may be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to Hall of Fame voting.


New York has received calls for Clint Frazier

Earlier in the offseason when our desperation for trade rumors was such that we were willing to hop on any morsel of information, we talked about a bit of a weird rumor in particular that centered around Clint Frazier being eyed by the Braves. While it doesn’t seem like anything has happened on that front since we talked about it, the Yankees are still intent on trading their outfielder who is now surplus for their requirements. There are now rumors that the Yankees have received calls from multiple teams about Frazier.

Angels sign backup catcher Rivera

This offseason of desolation continued to trudge on without too much action and that’s even with a team actually going out and making a free agent signing. The Angels decided to fill their backup catcher role by signing Rene Rivera to a one-year deal. The most interesting thing about this is the fact that this is Rivera’s seventh team since making his debut in 2004 and maybe we’ll see him add even more jerseys to his wall before he finishes? Who knows, all I know is that we need some cool stuff to happen during this offseason. Come on Hot Stove, do something.