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Do the Atlanta Braves have another big move left in them?

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Will the Braves make a big splash before opening day?

MLB: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

By every measure, it has been a quiet offseason for the Atlanta Braves. The team did pull off a big deal with the Dodgers jettisoning Matt Kemp and his salary obligation for the 2019 season in the process. They added a veteran arm in Brandon McCarthy and a lottery ticket in Scott Kazmir in addition to utility infielder Charlie Culberson.

Moving on from Kemp is a big deal but it isn’t the splash that many were hoping for. Alex Anthopoulos has taken a patient approach so far but will he pull the trigger on a deal before opening day?

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Do the Braves have another big move left in them?

Ivan: Given the wording, I think this is tricky to answer. Do the Braves have another big move left in them? I think so. Will they actually make it? That, I’m not so sure of. The Braves should have the budget room and prospect capital to make another notable move, or two, or three. But, with Alex Anthopoulos seemingly uninterested in remolding the team in his image before giving it a road test, it doesn’t seem like the likelihood he’ll make those moves is particularly high. I think of it like a boxer who’s been asked to throw a fight -- yes, he has more punches left in his arsenal, but he’s not fighting back, deliberately. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t.

Scott Coleman: I would love to get someone like Christian Yelich, but I’m not sure Anthopoulos will pull the trigger if given the chance. He’s said since day one that it will take time to learn the entire system and the last thing he should do is make a big trade for the sake of making a big trade that comes back to bite him.

Sam Meredith: Alex Anthopoulos is known for his flashy trades and prowess to make moves seemingly out of the blue. That being said I’m not sure Alex is going to commit to any free agents considering next off-season’s class is going to be ludicrous. A big trade could happen at any point though with the Braves nearing their window for contention. 2019 seems to be the target for making a playoff push and Anthopoulos getting someone young and controllable for that push would not be surprising.

Brad Rowland: They absolutely have it in them… but that doesn’t mean AA is pulling the trigger just yet. Given the trajectory of the rebuild, I don’t share the urgency of some Braves fans to make a move right now but, if it presents itself, the trigger can and should be pulled.

Demetrius Bell: It sure seems like AA is using this season to get an idea of exactly what he has at his disposal when it comes to the roster and other assets. If we’re going to see a splashy move then it’ll probably come later on this season if the Braves are on a miracle run or next offseason when it’s more likely that the team will be hopefully be gearing up to finally return to being a contender in the grand scheme of things. But as far as this offseason is concerned, I’d be shocked if we see something big happen and we’ll probably have some quiet time until things get rolling on the field again.

Kris Willis: Alex Anthopoulos has preached patience since taking over as GM so I am going to say no that the Braves won’t make a big move before opening day unless you consider some bullpen additions as “big moves.” I’m not expecting a big trade with the Marlins. With that said, Anthopoulos’ track record shows that he isn’t afraid to make a deal when the opportunity presents itself so I think could be a really interesting season.

Dillon Cloud: There are certainly some big fish (Yelich) out there for the taking, but Alex Anthopoulos seems committed to his plan of taking things slow as he familiarizes himself with the Atlanta farm system. Making a big move with the wrong pieces would put a huge dent in what the Braves have built, and AA seems to be very mindful of that in his first offseason. The Braves have multiple holes that will need to be filled in the future, but making a splashy move doesn’t appear to be in the cards just yet.

Eric Cole: My gut tells me no here, but not because the front office is adverse to making big moves nor is it because they think the roster is good to go. The problem at this moment in time is that the front office is still getting a sense of what they have in terms of assets and their value. Sure, the Braves have plenty of folks who have been around and will give their thoughts on that, but Alex Anthopoulos and his team are going to want to get their own sense of how valuable (or not) given players are before they start wheeling and dealing. This is going to be difficult to do by Opening Day. I could certainly see moves happen during the season as those evaluations are done potentially in the lead up to the draft where I could see the Braves making a push to grab a comp pick or two. In a big move likely before Opening Day? No, because the one thing they had to do is move one of Matt Kemp or Nick Markakis and they did that. There is less urgency now, less desirable options on the trade market at the moment, and the aforementioned player evaluation that makes me think that it may be a bit before the wheeling and dealing starts.