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The Braves Spring Training schedule for 2018 has been released

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Not exactly the news we were looking for, but the 2018 Spring Training schedule

Atlanta Braves v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Fans have been eagerly and anxiously awaiting news about the impending sanctions from Major League Baseball virtually all day. Previously, reports had indicated that an announcement regarding Atlanta’s punishment was going to come today....but with the passage of every hour in conjunction with the announcement of the 2018 Hall of Fame ballot and some other news (more on that in a second), that appears more and more unlikely.

We may have to wait a day or two regarding arguably the biggest news of the offseason, but we did get a bit of Braves’ related news as the 2018 Spring Training schedule was released today.

You can view the complete schedule right here, but the short version is that the Braves start their Spring Training schedule with three games on the road before returning to Disney for their Spring home opener on 2/26.

First, it is weird that there is going to be any baseball being played in February. Also, DOB is 100% correct in that the Braves have to travel farther than essentially any other team during spring training due to how far their facility is away from those of other clubs. That frankly awful travel was one of several driving forces that led the Braves to break ground on their own spring training facility in North Port, FL which will be significantly closer to their competitors after next season. Here is the complete slate of Braves Spring Training games courtesy of our friends over at Fox Sports.

There will be plenty of intrigue going into this Spring with the Braves having to make some interesting roster decisions, including in the outfield, rotation, third base, and bullpen, this offseason. Hopefully by then we will both know what restrictions the Braves will be playing under in addition to who will be in the organization.