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The waiting game continues as MLB could wait at least a week to announce Braves penalties, per report

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For those hoping that we would have definitive answers regarding the size of the hammer MLB will be dropping on the Braves, you may have to keep waiting a bit

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of October, Braves fans have had the specter of MLB investigations into possible (probable) violations of rules governing the international free agent market and the domestic draft weighing on their minds. The initial consequences were swift as general manager John Coppolella and special assistant Gordon Blakeley both resigned which, in many respects, seemed to confirm that there was a serious issue on the Braves’ hands. However, since then, there has been a rather painful wait as the MLB playoffs unfolded for news regarding the Braves’ fate.

This should not be surprising, as MLB wants to keep the focus on the playoffs and the associated positive press that comes with it. However, now that the World Series is over, many fans have been clamoring for news on basically any front here. It appears that they may have to wait a bit longer.

It is unclear as to whether this is speculation from Bowman or if this is sourced, but typically when Mark says something...there is a reason and the timeline does seem very specific, so it seems like we could have to wait a bit longer. However, he did give a sneak preview of what the Braves could expect when penalties come down.

This is less than good news for the folks as the loss of current and future assets in the form of prospects and picks is pretty brutal, although we do not know yet what prospects or picks would be there is that.

One last interesting note, MLB is not the only one that has been investigating the Braves as Liberty Media has done internal investigations of their own.

This last bit is particularly interesting when you consider the future of John Hart amidst all of this. ESPN had a report recently that claimed that the results of MLB’s investigation would show that Hart was not connected to the Braves’ misdeeds and claimed his leadership style was “disengaged”. Even if that is true, it is possible that Liberty Media will not take kindly to one of the Braves’ chief executives not only being uninvolved, but also not providing important checks on those below him due to situations exactly like this one. With all of the news and rumors regarding the Braves looking around for a new president of baseball operations as well as a general manager, it is possible that Hart leaving the organization could be the next shoe to drop in this painful start to the offseason.

Stay vigilant and steadfast folks...this is far from over.