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Atlanta Braves news: Don’t expect coaching changes right now

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If you’re expecting the new GM to shake things up when it comes to the coaching staff, then you’ll be disappointed in that regard.

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Atlanta avoids pitfalls with new GM hire

Even with the looming punishments ahead, there are still good vibes surrounding the Braves organization after they managed to pull off a coup of a hire for GM by bringing in Alex Anthopoulos for the job. There were plenty of pitfalls that the Braves could have fallen into in the GM search, but Ivan notes that they avoided them by making this hire.

This is not really a commentary on Alex Anthopoulos himself, but it may be one, depending on how willing or loath the Braves were to have John Hart (and John Schuerholz, Bobby Cox, and any other voices in the Front Office) take a step back depending on who was hired. In other words, to the extent that those parties will be taking a step back because it was Anthopoulos who was hired, and not another party, this was a great move.

Anthopoulos ready to hit the ground running with Braves

In further news concerning the new GM, it’s evident that the new man in charge is ready to hit the ground running. Mark Bowman covered Anthopoulos’ initial moments as the GM and noted that AA’s first move is actually to leave the coaching staff as is.

Over the next few days and weeks, Anthopoulos will evaluate some of the club's potential needs, namely bullpen and third base. He'll also get a better feel for how to best create a lineup spot for top prospect Ronald Acuna, whose impending arrival could lead the Braves to part ways with either Matt Kemp or Nick Markakis.

But Anthopoulos has no intention of making any significant changes to the coaching staff or alter the direction [Perry] Minasian and [Adam] Fisher have provided while awaiting the appointment of their new leader.

Important days are on the horizon for Anthopoulos as GM

Meanwhile, J.J. Cooper of Baseball America made the very good point that Anthopoulos is inheriting an incredibly intriguing situation. There are very important days ahead and he’ll be tasked with making sure that the Braves can weather the upcoming storm of punishment, but he’ll be doing so in a relatively good position.

But he's also stepping into one of the best situations a new GM could ever inherit. The team Anthopoulos is taking over has one of the best farm systems in baseball and is getting ready to enter year three of a tear-down/rebuild. The Braves also have just moved into a new ballpark that gives them new revenue streams to make up for a well-below-market local television deal.

No matter what penalties the Braves are handed, Anthopoulos is inheriting an organization that isn't all that far from potential big league success. With Ender Inciarte and Freddie Freeman, the team has a pair of lineup cornerstones in Atlanta. The team also has one of the best prospects in baseball in 2017 Minor League Player of the Year Ronald Acuna. And the team has outstanding depth of pitching prospects.


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Boston and St. Louis may be out of Stanton Sweepstakes

The ongoing saga of Giancarlo Stanton and what seems like an inevitable trade will probably be the main story of the offseason (outside of the Shohei Otani saga). Last week, it was reported that the Cardinals and Red Sox were two of the main candidates in the running to acquire the big-hitting slugger and the Red Sox were even rumored to be in heated talks with the Marlins. However, Chad Jennings of the Boston Herald has heard that Stanton doesn’t want to go to Boston or St. Louis, so there’s that.

A baseball source said yesterday that he’s been told Stanton will not accept a trade to either the Red Sox or the Cardinals, another team linked early and often in trade rumors. Perhaps there’s some flexibility in that stance, but Stanton’s preference is a factor.

Lovullo and Molitor earn Manager of the Year honors

Award season is ongoing and we’ve reached the point in the year where they recognize who the top managers in each league were. This year, the managers of the year in the AL and NL ended up being the leaders of two of the surprise packages in each of their respective leagues. Twins manager Paul Molitor was recognized as the AL Manager of the Year, while Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo took home honors in the Senior Circuit.