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Braves among teams interested in Peter Moylan, per report

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The Braves are already checking in on a familiar face as they look to bolster their bullpen

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

It is no real secret that the Braves are looking to bolster their bullpen. Jim Johnson did nothing to give the Braves confidence that he can hold down closer duties and a large majority of the bullpen can be classified as one or both of “inexperienced” and “not good”. There are some pieces that exciting to a degree, in particular AJ Minter who was excellent to start his MLB career, but for the most part the Braves are going to need some help this offseason in the relief corps.

It appears as though the Braves are definitely on the hunt this offseason for relief help and are even giving a good look to an old friend.

Just to start with, how about Peter Moylan and his comeback? The long time Braves’ fan favorite and sidearmer Moylan has bounced back nicely from his second Tommy John surgery. He put up one of his best years as a pro in 2017 as he put up a 3.49 ERA in 79 appearances last year (59.1 innings) while striking out 46 batters and posting a 1.1 bWAR.

All of that said, we are talking about a reliever that will be 39 with two TJS under his belt when Opening Day 2018 rolls around, so tempering expectations is important here. That said, there are a lot of folks in the Braves’ organization that love Moylan (officials and players alike) and he has been very productive for the Royals since coming back from injury. Plus, it does not seem likely that signing Moylan will break any banks and could be just the kind of signing the Braves should be looking to make.