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Atlanta Braves news: The GM search has finally ended

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The rumor mill surrounding the Braves and their vacant GM position escalated quickly and things got to the point where the Braves apparently have a new GM now. Surprise!

Toronto Blue Jays Introduce R.A. Dickey Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images


Atlanta will name Alex Anthopoulos as their new GM

If you went to sleep early last night then you missed out on the Braves GM search escalating in a hurry.

It started with a report from Mark Bowman that the Braves were indeed moving on from hiring Dayton Moore. Then the New York Post’s Joel Sherman reported that the Braves were going to move on to either former Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos or former Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry, with the former being the frontrunner.

Thankfully, the frontrunner held on to win the race, and now it appears that the Braves are somehow going to come out of this scandal with a very good baseball executive in tow. Plus, they’ll actually have a General Manager employed for the GM Meetings! Hooray!

Braves prospects are shining in AFL action

Alex Anthopoulos will be inheriting a very strong farm system and if you’ve been paying attention to our Arizona Fall League coverage then you know that a few Braves prospects have been killing it out west so far. Griffin Fabits of got to talk with guys like Ronald Acuna and Max Fried while also keeping tabs on the likes of Alex Jackson and Austin Riley.

The story of the initial Braves-Mariners trade is still being told

Meanwhile, our friends at Minor League Ball have pointed out an interesting storyline when it comes to the Braves and the Seattle Mariners. Namely, current Braves prospect Alex Jackson and former Braves prospect Max Povse are both taking part in AFL action. According to Asher Feltman, both prospects are performing well enough to where it’s evident that the story of this particular trade still has a very long way to go before we can determine who came out on top.


Trade talks between Boston and Miami for Stanton “may be heating up”

The Marlins are more-than-likely going to trade Giancarlo Stanton during the Hot Stove season and one of the prime candidates is rumored to be the Boston Red Sox. There are now rumors that the Red Sox in general have emerged as the leading candidate to potentially land Stanton, with rumors that trade talks are “heating up” between the two teams. The crew at Over The Monster tried to intrepet exactly what this means.

So, a few things here. For one thing, it’s not entirely clear what “heating up” even means. That’s kind of a meaningless term, particularly when you don’t know how engaged the talks were before this point. We all knew that Dave Dombrowski was at least going to look into what it would cost the Red Sox to bring Stanton to Boston. This is a team that is desperately in need of a power bat and one of the best in recent memory is available. It would be ludicrous to not at least look into things.

Minnesota inquiring into Rasiel Iglesias’ availability

In further trade rumors, the Twins are apparently in the market for a closer and they’re willing to poach one from a team that’s currently in the throes of a rebuild. The Reds have a major trade chip in the form of Rasiel Iglesias and now the Twins are poking around to see if they can pick them up. This appears to be in the extreme preliminary stages of trade talks so we shouldn’t expect things to escalate just yet. For now, it seems like an interesting idea since the Twins’ bullpen was a big weakness for them despite making a surprise run to the AL Wild Card Game.