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Trade deadline passes with odd silence from Atlanta Braves

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Way. Too. Quiet.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The reigning National League Player of the Week is still a member of the Atlanta Braves, and he isn’t alone.

Reliever Jim Johnson was rumored to be linked to many teams in advance of Monday’s MLB trade deadline, but the Braves let the deadline pass with cold silence. To be fair, Atlanta did make one significant splash in acquiring Matt Kemp in exchange for Hector Olivera, and another in grabbing a top-tier prospect in exchange for Lucas Harrell and Dario Alvarez. Still, Monday was uneventful for Atlanta.

The Braves can still make a deal (or two... or three...) over the next month, as players can be dealt after clearing waivers. That opens the door for assets like Johnson, Gordon Beckham, Jeff Francoeur, Ian Krol and Hunter Cervenka to potentially change teams in the coming days, though it must be said that the mechanics are not quite as easy as pre-deadline deals.

Still, John Coppolella stayed true to his word in hanging on to Julio Teheran and Freddie Freeman through the deadline, while other rumored pursuits did not follow through to completion. Stay tuned in the coming days for potential activity, but the Atlanta Braves were not able to pull the trigger on a move in the final hours on Monday.