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2016 MLB Draft: Braves select Kyle Muller with 44th overall pick

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The Braves have selected high school pitchers with all three of their picks so far, with the 44th overall pick being Kyle Muller from Texas.

Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Just four picks after selecting high school pitcher Joey Wentz with the 40th overall selection, the Braves have taken another high school pitcher. This time, the Braves have selected 18-year-old LHP Kyle Muller from Jesuit College Prep in Texas.

Similar to Wentz, Muller is 6’5" and 230 and was described as a "physical specimen" and one of the best two-way players in the draft. Interestingly enough, Muller was actually one of the top power hitters in the nation as a first baseman/outfielder (to the point where he was near the top of the nation when it came to home runs this past spring). However, his ability on the mound had scouts and teams believing that he could’ve gone in the first round, and now he’s eventually landed in the Braves’ lap at #44 overall.

The Texas commit has a fastball that currently sits in the mid-90s, and while there are some concerns about the rest of his pitching arsenal, scouts have stated that he’ll be able to use his big frame to his advantage, and he should continue to develop his arsenal as he progresses through the Braves’ system. There may be signability concerns with Muller, but again, the Braves have plenty of money in the bonus pool so if they have to spend a bit of extra money in order to pick him up, they probably will.

Kyle Muller represents the third top 25 prospect (according to that the Braves have selected in this draft. Sure, they’re all pitchers and that's probably causing a lot of consternation among a large part of the fanbase who wanted the Braves to pick up some bats with these early picks. However, it seems as if Braves doing pretty well for themselves at this point in the draft. We’ll see what happens when the Braves are up next for pick #76.