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2016 MLB Draft: Talking Chop Draft Day Open Thread

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Come over to Talking Chop and lets talk about the draft as it happens

2014 MLB Draft

Draft day is upon us! To say that the day has been uneventful thus far would be an absolute lie. The short version: No one knows what is going to happen. With reports continuing to be all over the place with virtually every selection, including the 1st overall pick with the Phillies, in limbo. The Phillies have been heavily connected to Mickey Moniak over the last day or so with Kyle Lewis and AJ Puk in the mix as well.

As for the Braves, most of the mocks started more uniformly say that the Braves would take Mercer slugger Kyle Lewis and today sorta blew that out of the water. We now have multiple reports that Lewis has fallen out of favor with the Braves and they are now looking at outfielder Corey Ray or an underslot signing of prep pitcher Ian Anderson. We have rumors of the Braves hoping to get Jason Groome to float down to the 40s for an overslot deal as well as names upon scenarios upon rumors regarding what all of this means.

In is a good day. So come on and join us in talking about the draft as it happens. We will be doing posts on each pick the Braves make as they happen (with links to said posts put on this thread for ease). Everyone be nice, have fun, and let the draft talk....begin!