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Ian Anderson emerging as target for Atlanta Braves as Kyle Lewis falls out of favor, per report

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The Braves could be moving away from their most rumored draft target.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Though Mercer outfielder Kyle Lewis has been perhaps the most popular name associated with the Atlanta Braves throughout the draft process, a report has surfaced that the team could be going in a different direction with the number three pick. That direction involves high school right-hander Ian Anderson.

At least part of the motivation behind targeting Anderson would appear to be cost savings on the pick versus the "slot" price assigned to the number three pick, and this phenomenon was mentioned in Keith Law's final mock draft on Thursday morning. However, it also appears as if the Braves are moving away from Lewis, regardless of whether Anderson is the pick at number three.

Mark Bowman of weighs in on the Lewis situation, including a reference to Louisville outfielder Corey Ray as a potential target should the Braves pass on the opportunity to come in under slot on Anderson. In addition, it appears that Atlanta is not the only organization moving away from Kyle Lewis as the draft approaches.

More details will be emerging the next few hours, but for now, the Kyle Lewis-to-Atlanta hype train seems to be careening off the track. Stay tuned.