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Williams Perez to the DL, John Gant recalled (again)

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Williams Perez was forced to the DL which led to a very familiar face rejoining the club

MLB: Atlanta Braves at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Williams Perez has been a bit of a polarizing figure amongst Braves fans this year due to often iffy peripherals and the fact that he seems to like to live dangerously in terms of pitching with lots of guys on base. Overall though, he has been a very serviceable starter if unexciting for the Braves for the most part with a 4.62 ERA that is somewhat skewed by a couple bad starts.

One such start was his last one where he was charged with 6 earned runs in 4.1 IP before signalling to the Braves training staff that he needed to come out. He was sad to have some soreness in his right triceps and it appears as though the injury was serious enough to warrant a trip to the DL.

From the sounds of things it appears as though the injury is minor and Perez seems optimistic he will be able to return after the minimum 15 days. As for John Gant, we sincerely hope he is being reimbursed for mileage as he has been recalled twice on this West Coast trip and four times overall. Gant will likely pitch out of the bullpen to allow Casey Kelly to make his scheduled start on Sunday, although Gant has been stretched out as a starter and could make a spot start here and there if need be.

Gant has a 6.17 ERA and 4.49 FIP in 11.2 innings of work (7 appearances) while striking out 14 in that span.