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Atlanta Braves news and links: Braves won't be drafting for need

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With the draft starting tomorrow night, John Coppolella has made it clear that they won't be drafting for need in this year's draft.

Atlanta Braves v San Diego Padres Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images


Vizcaino blows save as Braves lose 12th straight game at Petco Park

During the eighth inning of this game with the Braves up 3-2, Freddie Freeman hit a deep shot to left field. The ball either hit off of the top of the wall or was touched by a fan in the stands. Either way, it should've been a dinger, right? Wrong.

The Braves were unable to cash in the run, and then Arodys Vizcaino blew the save in the ninth inning and the Padres picked up their 12th consecutive victory over the Braves at Petco Park. Yuck.

A look at draft prospects from Georgia

The Braves have an affinity for drafting players from their own state of Georgia, and one of the top prospects in this year's draft is Kyle Lewis, who made his name at Mercer University and is a serious candidate to go first overall in this year's draft. He's clearly the highest-profile prospect to come from Georgia in his year's draft, and Eric took a look at a few other local draft prospects.

Coppy: Braves will not draft on need

It's safe to say that there is a dearth of power in the Braves organization right now -- from the minors to the majors, the power outage is something that the Braves will have to try to address in the future. With that being said, John Coppolella made it clear that the Braves won't be using the draft to address their current needs.

The MLB draft begins Thursday. The Braves own the third overall pick and five of the top 80. Given that they have nobody under contract capable of hitting the ball over the wall on a regular basis except Freddie Freeman — and his production has become highly irregular — you might think they’d view this week as prime time to load up on power. You’d be in error.

"We never draft on need," general manager John Coppolella said Monday. "We always seek out the highest-upside player who can help us win a championship. Needs change. We could go out and sign a power bat this offseason."

Braves will probably be active sellers at deadline

Once we get through June, it'll be July and that means that the trade deadline will be right around the corner at that point. The hope here is that the Braves will be actively trying to sell some of their veterans for a decent haul, and the Sporting News thinks that they'll have plenty of assets to potentially ship off come deadline time.

Cobb County is using park money to fund construction of SunTrust Park

Taxes in Cobb County might be going up soon, and it's a direct consequence of the construction of SunTrust Park. The county has actually redirected funds that were supposed to be used to build public parks to the construction of the stadium. I can't imagine that the locals were too thrilled to hear about this particular news.


Manny Machado and Orioles beat Royals on the field and in the ring

We've got another brawl on our hands, and this time the Orioles and Royals were the two warring factions, with Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura (of course) being the main players. After a heated at-bat earlier in the game, Ventura plunked Machado the next time he saw him, which prompted Machado to charge the mound and start throwing hands.

It wasn't nearly as brutal as the Odor/Bautista fight, but it's clear that Machado was the victor in this skirmish. Meanwhile, the O's were up 5-1 at this point and Mark Trumbo basically put the game out of reach with this bomb.

The extra RBI was the baserunner that Ventura put on base. The lesson here? Beanballing is silly. Don't put your enemies on base.