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FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks: June 7

The Braves play late night once again. Wet your baseball appetite with DFS on FanDuel.

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The Atlanta Braves are having a rough trip to the west coast, but that doesn't mean you have to punt on baseball altogether.

SB Nation and FanDuel continue to partner on daily fantasy baseball, and we will bring you regularly scheduled lineup recommendations throughout the 2016 season. In fact, our Monday lineup was a cash winner if you used it (hopefully you did!) and we'll try our luck again on Tuesday evening.

Editor's Note: New players win cash in their first league or get their entry fee refunded! Offered in partnership with FanDuel.

Let's roll.

Note: This lineup would be used in today's 7:05 pm ET "main" contest.

P - Kyle Hendricks ($8,500)

C - Miguel Montero ($2,500)

1B - Paul Goldschmidt ($4,000)

2B - Devon Travis ($3,000)

3B - Josh Donaldson ($4,000)

SS - Brandon Crawford ($3,200)

OF - Stephen Piscotty ($3,600)

OF - Jason Heyward ($3,000)

OF - Adam Jones ($3,200)

Selecting a pitcher on a full slate is always difficult. Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels and Jacob deGrom are the high-priced options on this particular night, but my faith in each pitcher is weak enough where I simply can't justify the investment. As such, we take a step back in price and go with Hendricks in a juicy match-up against the Phillies. This is the second straight night in which we've exploited the Cubs against Philadelphia, and hopefully, it will work again.

In the lineup, the big buys are Goldschmidt and Donaldson, each of whom is a legitimate star in platoon-friendly face-off on Tuesday. Those are self-explanatory, and we build around that duo. My favorite buy elsewhere is probably Piscotty, who sees a favorable match-up in a friendly ballpark against a bad starter, but I think Jones is also a value despite the absence of a platoon advantage against Yordano Ventura.

Let's do this together. Good luck to all.