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Atlanta Braves news and links: Who could be the next Brave traded?

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According to Jon Heyman, Alexi Ogando and Kelly Johnson are prime candidates to be the next Braves on the move.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


Aaron Blair gets rocked in the fifth inning of 6-0 loss to Giants

The good news is that the Braves will be travelling to the west coast on the heels of a home series split against what was the best team in baseball during the month of May (and the Braves themselves weren't completely awful in May). The bad news is that they'll be on that plane with a bitter taste in their mouths following a pretty nasty loss to the Giants. Aaron Blair cruised through the first four innings, and then he ran into batting aficionado Madison Bumgarner, and it all went to pot. Bumgarner hit an opposite-field two-run homer, then Joe Panik and Buster Posey both hit two-run homers of their own. It was 6-0 at that point, and that's how it would end.

Gordon Beckham goes on DL with hamstring injury

One of the reasons why the Braves weren't utterly horrible during May was due to the efforts of Gordon Beckham. Unfortunately, he's going to be on the sidelines for a little bit after he suffered a hamstring injury on Wednesday evening.

Kelly Johnson and Alexi Ogando are mentioned by Jon Heyman as trade candidates

In his column for Today's Knuckleball, Jon Heyman delivered some juicy tidbits about the Braves. The rumors ranged from the Braves' initial candidates for their new manager to everybody's favorite topic: Trade rumors! Two new names that were put up for discussion were Kelly Johnson and Alexi Ogando, with Heyman saying that Ogando could be the next Brave on the move.

There's no perfect method for Braves to return to contention

While the Braves' farm system is currently stacked to the brim with promising prospects, there's no guarantee that they'll all pan out. As such, all we can do right now is hope that the prospects will develop into legit major league talent so that the currently dreadful major league team can turn into something to be proud of in the future. There are still plenty of questions about the future, and according to Vice Sports, the Braves have to find a right way to rebuild while avoiding all of the wrong ways.

As bad as the Braves have been overall, it's been encouraging to watch the starting rotation (along with 25-year-old closer Arodys Vizcaino, who took a long, injury-riddled road to get here) do its best to overcome an offense populated by veteran schlubs. That lineup is, frankly, something of an insult to the fans, but the rest is just baseball. The Braves' rotation has a lower ERA than that of the Diamondbacks, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cincinnati Reds, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Colorado Rockies, and though that might seem like damning them with faint praise, in the context of a historically miserable team it's an accomplishment. If Coppolella says, "I will build my shining city on this mound," he's not necessarily wrong.


Seattle Mariners make 10-run comeback on San Diego Padres

The Mariners and Padres have played an absolutely wild series this week. The Padres got beat so badly on Tuesday that Christian Bethancourt had to pitch, then the Padres nearly reversed that 16-4 loss on Tuesday by beating Seattle 14-6 on Wednesday. Last night, it seemed like the Padres were picking up where they left off and had a 12-2 lead after five innings. By the end of the seventh inning, it was 16-13 Seattle. WHAT?!