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Alexi Ogando designated for assignment, Braves call up Mauricio Cabrera

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Mauricio Cabrera Garrett Spain

Alexi Ogando started off pretty well for the Braves as a veteran signee that could potentially be traded at the deadline for a mid-level prospect possibly. The 32 year old vet has struggled a bit in June however as his ERA has climbed from 2.74 to 3.94 and his FIP of 4.38 suggests that he may actually be worse than that.

With the Braves looking to make changes to the bullpen and make it more reliable as well as give some of the younger arms a chance to prove themselves, the Braves made a move.

Whether or not Ogando plays another game for the Braves is somewhat in question given that there other clubs that could be interested in his services. However, its pretty clear that Ogando isn’t in the long-term plans of the Braves.

Mauricio Cabrera, on the other hand, has the highest ceiling of almost anyone in the Braves bullpen. After routinely throwing above 100 mph in the Arizona Fall League, Mauricio has been touching 101-102+ of late and has greatly improved his walk rates of late. He has given up just 6 walks in his last 17.1 IP while striking out 17 over the same span, so the Braves seem encouraged enough by that to give him a shot in the bullpen.

That being said, Mauricio has a history of some wildness and at the very least, if that wildness pops back up, you will see some genuine fear in opposing batters’ eyes. 100+ mph stuff is scary enough when its in the zone, up and in and we may see some guys use the John Kruk method of dealing with their fears.