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Talking Chop Podcast Episode 19: Nick Markakis, Kevin Maitan and pitching galore, with Zach Dillard

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This week's podcast features Zach Dillard from Fox Sports South.

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This week's edition (Episode 19!) of the Talking Chop Podcast is here, and Brad is joined by Zach Dillard of Fox Sports South fame. In this episode, we discussed a myriad of items surrounding the Atlanta Braves, including:

  • The Braves have won 8 of 11 games! No, really, they have.
  • Julio Teheran is out of his mind
  • Mallex Smith's DL stint and what we think of his future
  • Coppy admits defeat in the Olivera trade and we're impressed
  • What should the Braves do with Nick Markakis?
  • We talked about approximately 137 Braves pitchers, headlined by the near-return of Mike Foltynewicz and Zach's guy Matt Wisler.
  • Where does Zach think the 3 first-round MLB Draft picks land in prospect ranks?
  • Kevin Maitan is coming... we think

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Enjoy, and stay tuned for next week's show.