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Braves Trade Rumors: Several teams interested in Bud Norris, including Marlins

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It appears as though Bud Norris has not only rebuilt his trade value, but is actively acquiring suitors.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

When the Braves acquired Bud Norris during the offseason, we all sort of knew what we were signing up for. The Braves were hoping that Norris would be a great bounce-back candidate where he would pitch quality innings, then the Braves could flip him for more minor league assets before the trade deadline to make room for the wealth of young pitching that the Braves have in the farm system at the moment.

That plan did take a bit of a detour when Norris threw up an ERA approaching 9 for the first month of the season, but after a short demotion to the bullpen before having to re-enter the rotation due to injuries, Norris has been excellent. As a result, it appears as though the Braves’ plan is right back on track.

As Heyman notes, Norris has been great since his horrid April and could seemingly help any number of clubs. The other big selling point is his price on a number of levels. He is only owed around $1.38 million the rest of the season and since he has a bit of a spotty track record in recent seasons and is only under control for the rest of this season, he shouldn’t require a huge haul for the Braves to part with him.

The Marlins interest is noteworthy given that they are a notoriously financially cheap club which is exactly the kind of club that would want a pitcher like Norris. The Marlins have been linked to other pitchers who would require large hauls from their farm systems (Odorizzi and Pomeranz), but the Marlins’ farm system is not great and its doubtful they would part with the pieces necessary to land those guys. Its also noteworthy that the Marlins are a division rival, but that typically hasn’t prevent teams from acquiring players on one year rentals (see: The Mets for Kelly Johnson twice and Juan Uribe).

While Braves fans might worry that Norris has finally turned around and that the Braves have been playing better of late so they don’t want to regress again, its worth noting that Mike Foltynewicz and Williams Perez are going to be pitching somewhere in the Braves organization in the near future and with Norris not being in the long term plans, it may be best to see if they can move him now before they have more healthy pitchers than spots.