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Braves news and links: Atlanta’s winning streak ends in Miami

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It was fun while it lasted

Atlanta Braves v Miami Marlins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Braves News

Marlins snap Braves’ winning streak

The Atlanta Braves saw their six-game winning streak come to an end on Wednesday with a 3-0 loss to the Miami Marlins. John Gant allowed three runs in the second inning while the Atlanta offense mustered just six hits on the afternoon.

Jenkins savors scoreless debut against Marlins

It took a while, but Tyrell Jenkins finally made his Major League debut with the Braves on Wednesday inducing three groundouts in a scoreless inning of relief.

How Good is Julio Teheran?

FanGraphs’ Eno Sarris takes a closer look at Julio Teheran’s season and career and explores what he might be worth to the Braves if they make him available before the trade deadline.

If we assume that Teheran’s youth will allow him to regress less than most of these guys, maybe his true-talent ERA gap is something like 0.3 runs per nine innings, and with a ~3.90 FIP projection, that would put him as a 3.60 ERA guy going forward, in the NL anyway. It’s a little closer to 4.00 in the AL, once you adjust for league quality and the DH.

That’s not a dominating frontline starter, but given Teheran’s youth and controllable years, he remains a very valuable piece. He’s not likely to keep beating his FIP by this degree, but he is likely to keep beating it by a decent margin, and that makes him a quality mid-rotation arm. A team shouldn’t pay ace prices to land Teheran based on his ERA, but he’s a good pitcher on a great contract, and so the line for his services will be quite long.

Freddie Freeman’s delicate balance of power and contact

Another great article from FanGraphs, this time focused on Freddie Freeman and whether or not his recent surge is sustainable.

You could reasonably argue this article is a bit nitpicky. Freeman’s walk rate, batting average, and on-base percentage are all in-line with his career norms and, as mentioned previously, he’s hitting for power more than ever. He’s rebounded nicely from a rough April and is putting together a predictably solid season.

Right now, Freeman finds himself in the well-established category of a player who has traded contact for power and, at this point, the balance between the two is working for him. However, Freeman’s ISO currently ranks just 57th among qualified hitters this season even while also representing his career high. He’s successfully walking a tight rope right now, but if the Contact% worsens or the power dissipates, then his current resurgence may begin to fall apart.

MLB News

MRI reveals no structural damage in Noah Syndergaard’s elbow

Mets starter Noah Syndergaard exited Wednesday’s game against the Royals in the sixth inning due to elbow discomfort. The Mets however could breath a sigh of relief later as ESPN’s Adam Rubin reports that an MRI exam revealed no structural damage in Syndergaard’s elbow.