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MLB Weekly Wrap: Ichiro has the professional hits record

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Ichiro Suzuki now has more professional hits than Pete Rose.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ichiro Suzuki now has more hits professionally than Pete Rose.

With a double in Wednesday's night contest, Ichiro broke Rose's plateau of 4,257 career hits, with one caveat: if you combine his hit totals from Japan and America.

As it stands entering Saturday, Ichiro has 2,979 hits in the Major Leagues, just 21 away from 3,000. That milestone is really impressive considering that Ichiro did not make his debut in America until he was 27 years old.

But count Pete Rose amongst those not impressed. He told USA Today Sports earlier this week:

"It sounds like in Japan,’’ Rose said, "they’re trying to make me the Hit Queen. I’m not trying to take anything away from Ichiro, he’s had a Hall of Fame career, but the next thing you know, they’ll be counting his high-school hits.

Rose went on to talk about some guy named Tuffy Rhodes, who hit 13 career home runs in a six-year MLB career, before hitting 55 in 2001 in Japan.

We get it, but come on. At least give Ichiro his due.

Side note: Braves fans, if you've never heard Joe Simpson's rant on Ichiro, listen in the next time the Braves play the Marlins. He obviously does not like the fact that he's the only player in the game that gets to use his first name on the back of his jersey.

Where do you guys stand on the hit record? Should we be celebrating it more?

There's one thing that we should all be able to agree on. Ichiro will go down as one of the best pure hitters the game has seen,