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2016 Braves Draft Pick Signing Tracker

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As we now move on following the 2016 draft, the importance is now on signing all of the young talent acquire in the draft. Here is a useful chart showing all of the players signing status and the Braves money status.

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The Braves wrapped up 3 days of drafting on Saturday finishing up with 42 total players selected in the draft. Of those, there are 12 college seniors, who are near guarantees to sign unless they decide they prefer another career. The Braves went with a player in Ian Anderson they felt they could get well under slot, and now seem poised to spread that money out to a ton of talented ball player. Kyle Muller is one of the tougher signs of the group, with a Texas commit he will be hard to sway out of. Using the money from Anderson as well as the Day 2 senior signs, they should be able to come up with enough money to sign he and Joey Wentz well over slot value. Bryse Wilson will be the toughest day 2 sign, with a strong UNC commitment that will take a well over slot bonus to pry him from. The number that seems to be floated is $1.2m, more than double his slot value. Finally, there were a series of Day 3 signings that will need to be signed away from Division 1 commitments. Namely, Matt Rowland, Josh Anthony, and Nick Shumpert will all likely receive over slot deals. . Shumpert is a curious case in this group. He was a potential 2nd or 3rd round pick in 2015, but fell to the 7th because of signability problems and opted for JuCo over the Tigers. He fell all the way to the 28th this year, and had a commitment to Kentucky but is showing a strong interest in being a Brave.

So, with the coming days many of these players will sign. To help you keep up with all the goings on of the hectic post draft world, I have put together a handy chart of the Braves draftees. It tells you if they are signed, how much for, and how much remaining bonus pool money the Braves have to spend. It will be continuously updated until the signing deadline on July 15, after which point no player may sign.


The situation with Josh Anthony continues to change. After originally announcing he would be attending Auburn, he was extremely excited when the Braves upped their offer. He was prepared to officially sign pending a physical for what was reported to be $250k. We have learned that due to an error in Budget Calculation, the Braves were forced to retract that offer and he remains unsigned. This is an unfortunate situation, and we at Talking Chop wish Anthony all the best for his future.