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MLB Draft - Day Three Open Thread

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Join us for the final day of the draft as things could still get very interesting as the Braves’ strategy unfolds

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Kansas City Royals Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are, at the end of draft and normally this is where we watch as teams take lesser known talent to little or no fanfare and we don’t find out exactly how good they are until they get on the field in rookie ball. Its also generally where you start to see guys start to get drafted and possibly not sign (such as high school stars with strong college commitments, etc). Its also where the draft bonus rules change a bit because there are no slot values for these picks and only bonus money over $100,000 counts against your draft pool. This is relevant, because yesterday the Braves did something interesting in drafting 5 college seniors. Usually, such picks are made to sign those guys to below slot deals (college seniors have next to no leverage in terms of financial negotiations when they are draft) to save bonus pool money.

With the signing of Ian Anderson expected to be an underslot deal which would save the Braves between $2.5-3 million, but both Joey Wentz and Kyle Muller expected to be overslot deals...the math gets a bit confusing and uncertain. Luckily, there are folks who mathed it out.

Thats the abbreviated version (lots of players and moving parts to consider) but the general consensus is that the Braves should have around $1-1.7 million to play with assuming the Wentz and Muller reports of their demands are correct (and by all accounts they are expected to sign). That basically means that the Braves have the ability to offer second round pick money to a player today which could very well be enough to pull some high school players away from a college commitment. Possible targets/options include outfielder Hunter Bishop, shortstop/outfielder Zach Clark, RHP Max Kranick, or LHP Adam Laskey. In short, it doesn’t look like the Braves are done yet making waves so stay tuned!

Round 11 - Matt Rowland - RHP - Pope High School

Round 12 - Brandon White - RHP - Lander University

Round 13 - Brandon White - RHP - Davenport University

Round 14 - Ramon Osuna - 1B - Walters State CC

Round 15 - Zach Becherer - RHP - Rend Lake College

Round 16 - Josh Anthony - 3B - Western Oklahoma State CC

Round 17 - Devan Watts - RHP - Tusculum College

Round 18 - Zach Rice - LHP - UNC-Chapel Hill

Round 19 - Tucker Davidson - LHP - Midand College

Round 20 - Gabe Howell - 2B - Trion High School

Round 21 - Dalton Carroll - RHP - Utah

Round 22 - Alex Lee - 1B - Samford

Round 23 - Griffin Benson - 1B - Aledo HS

Round 24 - Matt Hearn - CF - Mission College

Round 25 - Ryan O’Malley - 3B - Sonoma St. University

Round 26 - Alan Crowley - C - Reedley College

Round 27 - Corbin Clouse - LHP - Davenport University

Round 28 - Nick Shumpert - 2B - San Jacinto College North

Round 29 - Jackson Pokorney - CF - Mater Dei High School

Round 30 - Cameron Stanton - RHP - St. Edwards University

Round 31 - Cameron Jabara - RHP - Newport Harbor High School

Round 32 - Ryan Schlosser - RHP - Century College

Round 33 - Handsome Monica - C - Northwest Florida State

Round 34 - Jared James - LF - Cal Poly Ponoma

Round 35 - Michael Gizzi - RHP - State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota

Round 36 - Andres Perez - C - Pinecrest Academy

Round 37 - Zac Kristofak - RHP - Walton High School

Round 38 - Dayton Tripp - RHP - Rend Lake College

Round 39 - Parker Danciu - LHP - Marshall University

Round 40 - Dylan Beasley - RHP - Rome High School