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MLB Draft - Day Two Open Thread

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Come chat about the Braves picks on the second day of the 2016 MLB Draft

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On the first day of the draft, the Braves put in to action a strategy that came with risk, but ultimately brought in what they thought would be the greatest haul of talent in to the system. After falling in love with prep pitcher Ian Anderson and realizing he could be had as an underslot signing, they went for it. The move is expected to save the Braves somewhere in the $2.5-3 million range in terms of slot money which allowed them to take shots on Joey Wentz and Kyle Muller who would have been tough signs without overslot bonuses that the Braves could not potentially afford. Neither are locks to sign, but one’s inclination is that the Braves wouldn’t have picked them in the first place if they didn’t think they could sign them. Rounding out the first day of the draft we had Brett Cumberland, a bat first catching prospect who bats from both sides of the plate and with serious potential as an offensive threat but may need to move out from behind the plate.

With that, we start the second day of the draft. The Braves now have no shortage of pitching in their system (seriously, its insane how much pitching depth is down in the minors), will we see them start drafting hitters that their scouts had their eyes on and may be able to get some bargains on? Will they keep stockpiling pitchers. We will update the picks here for rounds 3-10 with write-ups for picks in rounds 3-5. The support you guys have given the site for our draft coverage is amazing, thanks again and enjoy the rest of the draft!

3rd Round - Drew Harrington - LHP - University of Louisville

4th Round - Bryse Wilson - RHP - Orange High School

5th Round - Jeremy Walker - RHP - Gardner-Webb

6th Round - Matthew Gonzalez - 2B - Georgia Tech

7th Round - J.B. Moss - LF - Texas A&M

8th Round - Taylor Hyssong - LHP - UNC Wilmington

9th Round - Tyler Neslony - RF - Texas Tech

10th Round - Marcus Mooney - SS - South Carolina