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Braves Day Off Thread: Minor League Edition

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So the big league team is...well....struggling a bit. Lets spend some time together talking about the minor leagues and good things to come.

So...the Braves are 7-23 which is most certainly not good. We all knew that the big league team was going to struggle this year, but with some very slow starts (Freddie Freeman), exceedingly poor defense (Erick Aybar, Adonis Garcia, and AJ Pierzynski), and just all around bad seasons (Erick Aybar again, Bud Norris, Eric O'Flaherty, and others), the team is is currently firmly in the running for the number one pick in the 2017 draft and arguably the worst team in the league right now. That stinks.

However, rather than dwell on that for too long, lets look to the minor leagues for inspiration and hope. Aaron Blair, Mike Foltynewicz, Mallex Smith, and John Gant having already made their marks on the big league squad, we can begin to look to the future for brighter days.

Dansby Swanson and Ozzie Albies have been tearing the cover off of the ball down in the minors and were both promoted before a month had passed. The Braves will have difficult decisions to make going forward with playing time, promotions, and possible moves to second base between these two fantastic young players. Who would you keep at shortstop?

Mike Soroka, Chris Ellis, Sean Newcomb, Lucas Sims (who also quickly promoted), Tyrell Jenkins, Max Povse, and Brandon Barker have all been very impressive on the mound as they continue to develop. The pitching is the meat of the farm system and with so many good arms on the farm, its hard to pick a favorite and its hard to envision all of them in a Braves uniform in the future with limited spots in the rotation. Who would you trade? Who is your favorite pitcher in the minor league system?

As for position players other than Swanson and Albies, the pickings are a little slimmer but Rome has several promising prospects with Ronald Acuna, Austin Riley, Jonathan Morales, Lucas Herbert, and Ray Patrick Didder not to mention Dustin Peterson in Mississippi and a resurgent Rio Ruiz in Gwinnett. Where do you see these guys in the future for the Braves? Who do you like the most?

With all of that said, lets look to the future on this glorious off day and talk some minor league baseball. I will leave you with some fun tidbits about some of these players.